Sunday, December 08, 2013

Madrigal Singers: The Program

The Madrigal Singers will present madrigals, part songs, solos, and duets along with the news of the day, the day being the time of Shakespeare in merry old England. Madrigals by Weelkes, Morley, Vecchi, Campion Lawes, Dowland, Henry Purcell, and Eric Whitacre will be sung, and News of 1600 England will compliment the Madrigal performance.  Directed by Harley Muilenberg.

  Madrigal Singers Fanfare For Christmas Day by Martin Shaw
 In These Delightful Pleasant Groves by  Henry Purcell
 Since Robin Hood by Thomas Weelkes
 Fa Una Canzona Orazio by Vecchi
 Toss the Pot by Thomas Ravenscroft
 Which is the Properest Day to Drink
 Shepherd, Shepherd by Henry Purcell
 Mary Now Winter Nights Enlarge by Thomas Campion
 Beauty and Love by Henry Lawes
 Nymphs and Shepherds by Henry Purcell
 The Peaceful Western Wind by Thomas Campion
 Flow my Tears by John Dowland
The Willow Song- Time of Elisabeth I
Can She Excuse my Wrongs arr. Harley Muilenburg
 A Secret Love or Two by Thomas Campion
 Come Again Sweet Love by John Dowland
Change Then for Lo She Changeth by William Holborne Abbey
What If a Day--Time of Elizabeth
 Florian’s Song by Benjamin Godard
And Would You See my Mistress Face by  Philip Rosseter
 Strike The Viol by Henry Purcell
Me, Me, and None But Me by John Dowland
 If Music Be the Food of Love by Henry Purcell
 Kala Kalla (from 5 Hebrew Songs) by  Eric Whitacre
 Sir Christmas by William Mathias

December 2013 Madrigal Singers (not in order pictured): Ana Ceja,  Erin Corrigan,  Jessica Golden,  Tiffany Casparis,  Robyn Strong,  Erika Luna, Stevy Marquez,   Kristin Mack,  Rosemary Torres,  Abbey Teitelbaum, Elisabeth Gent, Ray Alvarez, Dylan Kinser, John Pettlon, Edrees Nassir,  Kenneth Bridges,     Clint Rebik, Victor Guerrero,  Jeremy Rodda, Kyle McInnis, Christian Rosales, Aubrey Ross. Click photo to enlarge.

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