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Friday, April 25, 2014

Composers Centennial Concert Celebrates Century of Creativity

 HSU Music Department celebrates 100 years of the university as crucible of creativity with compositions by HSU faculty, staff and alumni in the Composers Centennial Concert on Friday April 25. 

 The premiere of Reflections In Time combines the words of HSU poets Jim Dodge, Eric Barker, Jorie Grahm and Reg White with the music of HSU composition professor Brian Post. It is performed by soprano Elisabeth Harrington and pianist John Chernoff.

 Daniela Mineva performs another Post piece written specifically for a miniature carillon built by HSU music technicians according to a design by John Cage.

 The Vipisa Trio (Cindy Moyer on violin, John Chernoff on piano and Virginia Ryder on saxophone and clarinet) perform music by HSU staff pianist Chernoff and HSU alumni Halim Beere and Dante De Silva.

 Alumnus Ryan MacEvoy-McCullough contributes a four-channel recorded piece called Crossing. Members of the Humboldt Bay Brass Band perform two pieces by its director and HSU professor Gil Cline, including Three Dot Flourish.

 Music professor Eugene Novotny’s Intentions for Percussion Trio is performed by HSU students Neil Bost, Tyler Burkhart and Hector Diaz. 

 Composers Centennial Concert is performed on Friday April 25 at 8 p.m. in the Fulkerson Recital Hall on the HSU campus. Tickets are $10, $5 seniors and students from HSU Ticket Office (826-3928) or at the door.  Produced by HSU Music department.

Media: Mad River Union, Humboldt State Now

Composers Centennial Concert: Program Notes

The following are notes on some of the selections.

Crossing by Ryan MacEvoy-McCullough
Ryan MacEvoy-McCullough
A 4-channel piece utilizing sounds that are either pre-recorded samples from a piano (playing anything but the keys), a mason jar, a mason jar used on the piano, and a simulated analog synthesizer. All the material has been digitally edited as if I were writing this using tape reels.

Reflections in Time (2013/14) by Brian Post
performed by Elisabeth Harrington (voice) and John Chernoff (piano.)

 1. Trees - Poetry by Eric Barker
 2. Blue Heron - Poetry by Reg White
 3. Revenant – Poetry by Reg White
 4. A Firmer Grasp Of The Obvious - Poetry by Jim Dodge
 5. The Way Things Work - Poetry by Jorie Graham

Composed to commemorate the Humboldt State Centennial. The poems were chosen to reflect elements of Humboldt State University and Humboldt County that were important to many people who have lived here for the last century and will continue to be drawn here in the future.

Caged Bells #2 (2013/14) by J. Brian Post
performed by Daniela Mineva (carillon)
 Written specifically for a miniature carillon designed by John Cage and built by HSU music technicians, this piece is performed with an electronically enhanced recording of chanting Tibetan monks. The recordings represent the pursuit of enlightenment and the carillon represents the achievement of enlightenment.

Piano Rhubarb for violin, alto saxophone and piano by Halim Beere
Mr. Distinguished for violin, alto saxophone, piano and pre-recorded electronics by Dante De Silva
Nocturne by John Chernoff. 

Vipisa Trio
These three pieces will be performed by the Vipisa Trio: Cindy Moyers (violin), Virginia Ryder (saxophone and clarinet) and John Chernoff (piano.)

Halim Beere is an HSU graduate in violin performance and composition.  He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois.
John Chernoff is the staff accompanist at HSU.
Dante De Silva studied composition at HSU for his B.A., UC Santa Cruz for his M.A. and UCLA for his Ph.D. He was the composer-in-residence with the Definiens Project (2005-2007) and the Tonoi Ensemble (2006-2007).

Three Dot Flourish (2002) by Gil Cline
performed by members of the Humboldt Bay Brass Band.
 “Everyone knows the genre “fanfare” so I’ve had some fun devising my own “mini-genre,” the “Flourish.” Whereas a fanfare usually kicks off some event, a flourish has potential not only for that but also for ending some segment, or even as an encore. The short, snappy Three Dot Flourish was written and performed by Brass Consort von Humboldt in 2003 in San Francisco at Grace Cathedral for Herb Caen Days. BCvH specialized in the early brass, including the true natural trumpet of the baroque. We have acquired a set of copies of the 1667 London trumpet by Simon Beale, which we use tonight. Using modern quartal/quintal tones, the music includes a three-dot motif inspired by Caen’s musings in his weekly columns.

 Clok Tok (2007) by Gil Cline
 “Clok Tok” was written for The HSU Commencement Brass Choir, responding to the need for “stretch / filler” while waiting to play the processional Pomp & Circumstance. We accomplish that via improvised, jazz soloing over a straight-beat groove, while using the performance technique, so well-suited to brass, called “bell tones.” The clock reference is partly to passing the time, and also to the talking of the crowd; but mainly to the HSU Quad clock chimes. Everyone on campus knows the hourly clock bell tower theme, that of Big Ben, sounded throughout the day!

INTENTIONS for Percussion Trio (1983/1990) by Eugene Novotney
 Mvt. I. Assumption
 Mvt. II. Proposal
 Mvt. III. Function
Mvt. IV. Design
Performed by Neil Bost, Tyler Burkhart, Hector Diaz.

Composed in 1983 at the University of Illinois while I was a composition student of Ben Johnston, and dedicated to the Percussion Group of Cincinnati. The skills demanded by this composition require the performers to spend many hours expanding their technique on auxiliary percussion instruments that are often considered to be only instruments of coloration. The composition was intended to defy the pre-conceived limits and expose the extended techniques and timbral possibilities of three of my favorite instruments - the triangle, the tambourine, and the piatti.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vipisa Trio Champions New Music at HSU

 The Vipisa Trio (Cindy Moyer on violin, Virginia Ryder on saxophone and clarinet and John Chernoff on piano) performs a program of new musical works by composers associated with Humboldt State on Saturday, February 23 in Fulkerson Recital Hall. 

 The Trio will play the world premieres of new works by HSU composition professor J. Brian Post and the Trio’s own John Chernoff, as well as compositions by HSU alums Dante De Silva and Halim Beere. Members of the trio are so committed to new work that they sponsored a composition contest among HSU students. They will play the winning piece by Justino Perez. 

 “The music is all different,” said violinist Cindy Moyer, “so even if it’s all new, there will be something that everyone can enjoy.” 

 “John’s piece is very Romantic in style, for example—including an amusing set of variations on ‘There’s a Hole in the Bucket.’ Dante’s piece called ‘Mr. Distinguished’ features the Trio playing along with an edited and manipulated recording of a man reading a section of an old Emily Post etiquette book.” 

 The other compositions are “Rhubarb for violin, alto saxophone and piano” by Halim Beere, a three-movement work entitled “Set-Rows-Free” by Brian Post and “Trio for violin, saxophone and piano” by Justino Eustacio Perez.

 The Vipisa Trio performs on Saturday February 23 at 8 p.m. in the Fulkerson Recital Hall on the HSU campus in Arcata. $8/$3 from HSU Box Office (826-3728) or at the door. A Faculty Artists Concert produced by the HSU Music Department. 

Media: Humboldt State Now, Arcata Eye, Tri-City Weekly
Vipisa Trio Music of Humboldt Composers: The Program

 Vipisa Trio: Cindy Moyer, violin Virginia Ryder, saxophone and clarinet John Chernoff, piano.

Rhubarb for violin, alto saxophone, and piano
by  Halim Beere

Set-Rows-Free for violin, alto saxophone, and piano  by J. Brian Post

Mr. Distinguished for violin, alto saxophone, and piano and pre-recorded electronics  by Dante De Silva

 Trio for violin, saxophone, and piano by  Justino Eustacio Pérez

 Trio for violin, saxophone/clarinet, and piano by  John Chernoff
 Nocturne: Andante
 Theme and Variations

Meet the Composers:

 The music of Halim Beere explores the three intersecting worlds of purely acoustic instrumental composition, electro-acoustic fixed media works, and real-time computer generated compositions, such as interactive computer music and livecoding. Raised in Eureka,  Beere received his Bachelor’s from Humboldt State University in violin performance and composition, studying under Cindy Moyer and Brian Post. He completed his Master’s in composition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he is currently a doctoral candidate, studying under Erik Lund, Stephen Taylor, Heinrich Taube, and Scott A. Wyatt.

 In addition to writing chamber and concert music, he has composed for theatrical productions (The Five Dollar Show) and a feature length film (The Milk Can). The ARMAC orchestra commissioned and premiered Gambol for Orchestra at Carnegie hall in 2009. Pangæa, his commissioned first symphony, received its world premiere in October of 2010. Further commissions have come from the MEANS Ensemble, the Belden Trio of Chicago, Mise-en of New York, and the Illinois Modern Ensemble. The award winning saxophone duet Ogni Suono recently premiered Roya on a European tour, and his compositions have also been read by the JACK quartet and the Ensemble Dal Niente, and programmed on concerts with Bang on a Can. His electronic works were featured at SEAMUS national conferences, at Electronic Music Midwest, and on Measures of Change, a recent CD release of electro-acoustic works by University of Illinois graduate composers. Kinetosis for eight-channel fixed media will also be heard at the upcoming 2013 SEAMUS conference in April.

 John Chernoff, a native of Santa Cruz, is the staff accompanist at Humboldt State University. He studied piano at the San Francisco Conservatory, the Peabody Institute, and Johns Hopkins University. John’s performing activities are extensive, including solo recitals, concerto performances, collaborating with faculty and guest artists, and accompanying student ensembles and soloists. In his free time John enjoys composing, working with computers, and playing chess.

 Dante De Silva, a southern California native, studied composition at Humboldt State University (B.A.), UC Santa Cruz (M.A.), and UCLA (Ph. D.), where his principal teachers were David Lefkowitz, Paul Reale, David Cope, and Paul Nauert. He also studied piano with Deborah Clasquin and percussion with Eugene Novotney at Humboldt State University.

 His compositions have been performed by such wonderful performers as Gloria Cheng, the Talea Ensemble, Phyllis Chen, Ryan MacEvoy McCullough, Arizona Women in Tune, Composer’s Inc., as well many others. He was the composer-in-residence with the Definiens Project (2005-2007) and the Tonoi Ensemble (2006-2007). Recent premieres Scratch Record for toy pianos and other toy instruments performed by Phyllis Chen, The Absurd ABC for wind trio and pre-recorded electronics performed by the Vientos Trio, and Rejuvenated Heart for women’s chorus and chamber ensemble performed by Arizona Women in Tune which was performed at the 2012 GALA Festival in Denver, CO.

 In the 2012-2013 season, he will have a number of new premieres: Wake the Dead for the Saguaro piano trio, Drive-Thru Etudes Bk. 1 by Ryan MacEvoy McCullough, and the reading of his opera Gesualdo: Prince of Madness by San Francisco-based Ensemble Parallèle in June. He is currently working on Engine Room, a piece for the Humboldt State Percussion Ensemble, a Concerto for Steel Drum, a Piano Concerto, and EP, a large work for 2 electric guitars, electric bass, and drum set. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two sons, and two cats.

 Justino Pérez premiered himself on June 1, 1990, in the unpretentious city of Porterville, CA. Rising past a difficult childhood and family background, he discovered music in his later teens, and it has since become a great passion of his life. Currently. Mr. Pérez studies piano, cello, and composition at Humboldt State University with Dr. Daniela Mineva, Carol Jacobson, and Dr. J. Brian Post, respectively. There he has been honored as a Presidential Scholar and recipient of both the Van Duzer and Fulkerson scholarships.

 Always excited about learning and sharing his passion, Mr. Pérez loves to work with students to cultivate their music and composition skills, and is working with Dr. Cindy Moyer to develop a new series of supplemental theory courses, which he teaches for the Music Department. Recently, Mr. Pérez studied composition with renowned instructors Stacy Garrop and David Rakowski, and participated in a master class with Dr. Chen Yi. Over the summer, he contributed to the Fresh Inc. Festival for New Music. There he premiered two new works: “Trio” for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano (Performed in the Ravinia Music Festival), and “I Just Lost to Myself at Hide and Seek” (written for The Eclipse Trio).

 An active member of the National Association of Composers, Mr. Pérez has been featured in their concerts. He also participates in the local musical community as principle cellist of the Humboldt Symphony, and performer in both the Eureka Symphony and Humboldt Light Opera Company. He teaches private cello and composition lessons, and hopes one day to be a professor of theory and composition.

 Dr. J. Brian Post has been teaching composition, music theory and music technology classes at Humboldt State University since the fall of 1998. He has a BA in piano performance from California State University, Hayward, a MM in Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado, and a DA in Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado. Prior to his position at HSU, Dr. Post taught at Emporia State University, the University of Northern Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Music Technology Workshop, the Midwest Music Camp, the Interlochen Arts Camp, and the International Music Camp.

 Recent works include; composing the film score for the dramatic full-length feature film The Music Inside, a dramatic full-length feature film, “Stricken,” a cross discipline work that incorporated dance, digitally enhanced audio files and midi instruments with multiple performances given in Spain. Most recently Dr. Post composed incidental music for the ancient East Indian play, Shakuntala which had eight performances in November and December 2012.

 Other works by Dr. Post have been performed nationally by the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, Cal State Hayward Big Band, Interlochen Lab Band I, Interlochen Concert Band, Emporia State University (ESU) Wind Ensemble, Eranis Flute Ensemble, ESU A Cappella Choir, ESU Opera Company, Greeley Children's Chorale, ESU Faculty Jazz Combo the HSU P. M. Band and the HSU Wind Ensemble. He has recordings released on the Mark and IAC labels.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Winter Music

Coming up this winter at HSU: The North Coast Wind Ensemble on Saturday, January 28; Symphonic Band and Jazz Orchestra on Saturday, February 25; Soprano Elisabeth Harrington on Sunday February 26; guest violinist Bin Huang with pianist Daniela Mineva on Friday, March 2; the Humboldt Symphony on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4; guest pianist Henning Vauth on Friday, March 9. All concerts are in the Fulkerson Recital Hall.  Check back for details. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Trio Plays New Trio: Vipisa’s Debut with World Premiere

It’s a new trio premiering new music. But of course, there’s a backstory.

“We played together last fall,” explained violinist and HSU Music professor Cindy Moyer, referring to her colleagues, Virginia Ryder on saxophone and clarinet, and pianist John Chernoff. “We were having so much fun that we decided to make it a permanent group.”

Hence the Vipisa Trio. But who—or where, or what—is Vipisa? An obscure but important historical figure? The hidden birthplace of a musical genius? A corporate sponsor? Their favorite toothpaste?

“We made it up,” Moyer confessed. “It’s the first letters of ‘VIolin,’ ‘PIano’ and ‘SAxophone.’”

Fittingly enough for their first official concert, the Vipisa Trio will perform a World Premiere, of the Trio of Piano, Violin, and Alto Saxophone by contemporary jazz and rock artist and composer David Morgan, of the David Morgan Trio.

In fact, the music is so fresh that the composer was sending it “hot off the presses” directly to Vipisa. Of the five movements, “the first two have been performed many times, and we performed the third last fall,” Moyer said. “But our performance on the 25th will be the World Premiere of the complete piece.”

Pianist David Morgan has written for film and television as well as for several jazz albums with his David Morgan Trio. His most recent release, “Ordinary Glory,” is a rock/pop album which he also produced. “Part of our fun was discovering his music, and working with him,” Moyers said.

The David Morgan work comprises the second half of the concert. Before intermission, the trio plays Dance Suite for Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano by contemporary American composer and pianist Walter S. Hartley. Composing since 1949, Hartley is known for works that feature the saxophone. “Hartley’s music is very contrapuntal,” Moyer said. “Each instrument has different melodies that are passed around the group.”

Also in the first half, Vipisa performs the Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano by 20th century Armenian-born composer Aram Khachaturian. With Shostakovich and Prokofiev, Khachaturian was among the trio of major composers of the Soviet Union alternatingly condemned and honored by the government. He composed this work in 1932. “It’s very rhapsodic,” Moyer said, “with hints of Khachaturian’s native Armenian folk music.”

The Vipisa Trio debuts on Saturday September 25 at 8 pm in the Fulkerson Recital Hall on the HSU campus in Arcata. Tickets: $8/$3 students and seniors from HSU Ticket Office (826-3928) or at the door. This is a Faculty Artists Series concert produced by the HSU Department of Music.

Media: Humboldt State Now, Arcata Eye.
The Vipisa Trio: The Program

Cindy Moyer, violin
Virginia Ryder, saxophone and clarinet
John Chernoff, piano

Dance Suite for Violin, Alto Saxophone, and Piano by Walter S. Hartley
Polonaise brillante: Allegretto (Valse Lente
Polka Fantasque

Trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano by Aram Khachaturian
Andante con dolore, con molto espressione


Trio of Piano, Violin, and Alto Saxophone* David Morgan
Tango: Allegro (Consolation
Belo Horizonte
The Secret of the Golden Flower

*world premiere