Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mad River Transit: The Program

MRT’s December concert will feature solo singers and solo piano by our staff accompanist John Chernoff. MRT will feature music of a number of well known vocal jazz arrangers, including Paris Rutherford, Michele Weir and Greg Jasperse. There will be up-tempo jazz, slow tempo jazz, and medium swing jazz for variety of style in the program. Bee bop and Blues will reign.

 MRT’s rhythm section includes: John Chernoff, piano; Ian Taylor, bass and Tyler Burkhart, drums.

 Favorite Things arr. Harley Muilenburg

 After the Goldrush by Neil Young, arr. Elliott Shay

 Anthropology arr. Paris Rutherford

 Boplicity by  Miles Davis, arr. Clinton Day

 New York Voice Dance by  Greg Jasperse

 Muddy Water arr. Michele Weir

 Birdland arr. Paris Rutherford

December 2013 Mad River Transit (not in order pictured): Ana Cruz,   Hannah Fels, Jillian Gibson, Trina Garrett, Jo Kuzelka, Jessie Rawson,  Molly Harvis, Sandy Lindop, Danielle Murray,  Kenneth Bridges,      Dolan Leckliter, Steven Eitzen, Edrees Nassier, Christian Lesko, Christopher Parreira, Maxime Tanti,  Vance Uhphrey, Kobe Thompson.  Directed by Harley Muilenberg. Click photo to enlarge.

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