Saturday, March 26, 2016

Elizabeth Grunin Lecture Recital: Notes and Program

Mieczyslaw Weinberg is a name hardly known in the classical music world. However his works and life story certainly demand recognition. Weinberg escaped Nazi-invaded Poland, became best friends with one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, and never stopped composing even when all that was required from him was cartoon music. We will be become acquainted with this incredible composer and his life as well as explore his abilities at combining the traditions of classical and baroque composers with modern, 20th century harmony, exhibited in his works for unaccompanied cello.”--Elizabeth Grunin 

More information about the composer:
Weinberg site by Anton Uzunov (contains additional links)
Martin Anderson at


 Prelude 21 of 24 Preludes for Solo Cello

Sonata No. 1 for Violoncello Solo Op. 72

Guest Artist Biography

Dr. Elizabeth Grunin began studying cello at the Special Music School in Kharkov, Ukraine. In 1992, her family moved to Sacramento, California where she continued her musical studies. Elizabeth was an active member of the musical community in Sacramento, performing in numerous orchestras including the Camellia Symphony, the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, Merced Symphony Orchestra, and North Bay Opera. In 2008, Elizabeth entered the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she completed both her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in the studio of Jennifer Culp.

Dr. Grunin has participated in such summer music programs as the Zephyr Chamber Festival in Italy, the Classical Music Festival in Austria, and the Kornberg Music Festival in Germany. She moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to pursue her Doctorate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in the studio of Dr. Karen Becker which she completed in 2015.

Currently, Dr. Grunin is adjunct faculty at Nebraska-Wesleyan University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and, Wayne State College and is a coach at the Navarro River String Camp in California. She holds a full-time position with the Lincoln Symphony and is a founding member of the Lancaster Trio.

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