Friday, October 16, 2015

Lilli (played by Anna Duchi) is a fading and angry movie star, Fred (Gino Bloomberg) is her recent ex-husband, an egotistical actor-producer with a roving eye. 

From Shakespeae's sunny Padua to the Baltimore backstage of a 1948 production of The Taming of the Shrew (Modernized), they are fuming and fighting-- as are the characters they play (Kate and Petruchio)-- and it gets harder for everybody to tell the difference.

Plot twists involve Shrew actors Lois (Tossa Hayward) and Bill (Christopher Moreno), Lilli's new beau General Howell (Matthew Atkins), and a couple of sometimes comic gangsters (Ivan Gamboa and Mickey Thompson.) Many songs and dances ensue while lessons are learned so that true love can triumph.

The original Kiss Me, Kate opened in 1948 and won multiple Tony Awards including Best Musical while setting box office records. It is generally considered to be the best musical of Cole Porter’s long and legendary career.

 “People know these Cole Porter tunes,” said musical director Elisabeth Harrington, “even if they don’t know they are from this show.”

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