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Madrigal & MRT Singers: Programs and Notes

2015 Madrigal Singers (not in order pictured; click photo to enlarge):
Ariana Bustos, Sandee Castaneda, Tiffany Casparis, Erin Corrigan, Ana Ceja,      Jessica Currow, Michelle Latner, Catherine Rippetoe, Robyn Strong, Rosemary Torres,  Kellie Ventura, Victor Guerrero, Maximilian Cox, Fidel Garzia, Dylan Kinser, John Pettlon, Edrees Nassir, Felipe Pezzoli, Jeremy Rodda, John Schutt,     Jaime Sanchez, Leonardo Simmons. Keyboards: John Chernoff.  Directed by Harley Muilenburg.

Notes from director Harley Muilenburg:

HSU Madrigal Singers present a program of Madrigals and songs of love from the 1600’s and the 1900’s. Featured in the program will be a madrigal by Thomas Morley with solos sung by Ana Ceja, Erin Corrigan, and Edrees Nassir. This Madrigal examines the nature of the pursuit of young love.

 The singers will perform three excerpts from Patrick Hawes’s Song of Songs. Hawes’s choral writing is marked by flowing lines and beautiful harmonies. The keyboard accompaniment provides contrasting music rich with rhythmic drive. Frederick Delius’s Midsummer Song is an ABA romantic ballad with a Madrigal type la la section in the middle of the form. The singers will close the program with di Lasso’s beautiful madrigal O Eyes of my Beloved.

Madrigal Singers Program:

Say Love If Ever Thou Didst Find by Thomas Morley
 Ana Ceja, Soprano;  Erin Corrigan, Alto;  Edrees Nassir, Baritone

From Song of Songs by Patrick Hawes
 Kellie Ventura, soprano
 Love’s Promise
 Song of Songs

 The Lone Wild Bird arr. Harley Muilenburg
 Catherine Rippetoe, alto

 Midsummer Song by Frederick Delius
 O Eyes of My Beloved by Orlando di Lasso
 Fie on Sinful Fantasy by George Shearing

2015 Mad River Transit

Olivia Bright ,Jessie Rawson, Jordan Kramlich, Catherine Rippetoe, Jesse Carpentier, Lorena Tamayo, Ana Ceja, Linh Pham, Anna Duchi, Lizzie Thorne,       Ian Alexander, Christian Lesko, Sean Laughlin, Jeremy Rodda, Joshua Roa,       Alberto Rodriguez, Alberto Zamora, Luke Smetana, Daniel Szylewicz, Corey Tamondong , Greta Goshom,  Mari Harsch, Ian Taylor, Andrew Henderson, Ryan Woempner.  Keyboards: John Chernoff.  

MRT’s night of singing includes classic vocal jazz featuring Claire Fisher’s Latin arrangement of the German folk song “Du, Du, Leigst Mir Im Herzen.” The program includes a jazz waltz, Bobby McFerrin’s 23rd Psalm, and the beautiful song MLK, written in memory of Martin Luther King. Jesse Carpentier will be the soloist.

MRT Program

Moanin’ by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
 Solo: Jessie Rawson
 Improv: Jessie, Lorena, Ian, Linh Olivia, Alberto

 MLK arr. Bob Chilcott
 Jesse Carpentier

  Le Nommage  by Kerry Marsh and Julia Dollison
 Improv: Sean, Jordan, Jessie, Olivia, Alberto

23rd Psalm by Bobby McFerrin
 Chili con Carne by Anders Edenroth
 Du, Du, Leigst Mir Im Herzen arr. Claire Fisher
 Blues in the Night arr. Muilenburg
 Waltz For Debby by Bill Evans, arr. Muilenburg & Lorena Tamayo
 Improv: Jessie, Catherine, Lorena, Christian

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