Sunday, May 04, 2014

Madrigal & MRT Singers: Additional Notes

John Dowland was above all the composer of lute songs, publishing his first collection of airs in 1597, followed by a second in 1600 and a third in 1603. He left over 80 secular songs of moving intensity.

 Melancholy was all the rage in Elizabethan England, and John Dowland was the most stylish composer of sad-themed music of his time. "Semper Dowland, semper dolens" was his motto, and much of his music is indeed exquisitely dolorous. Although he was a talented singer, Dowland mainly followed a dual career as a composer and lutenist. He was the period's most renowned and significant composer of lute solos, and ayres and was a gifted writer of consort music. —‘Dowland, semper dolens’ (‘Dowland, always grieving’)—Dowland had a reputation as being a cheerful man, despite his reputation for composing exquisitely melancholy music.

The Madrigal Singers (not in order pictured; click photo to enlarge) are: Tiffany Casparis, Ana Ceja, Stevy Marquez, Linnea Hill, Robyn Strong, Elena Tessler, Kellie Ventura, Erin Corrigan, Danielle Dias, Jessical Golden, Hannah Kelly, Rebeca Ramos, Rosemary Torres, Rae Marcum, Fidel Garcia, Evan Goldsborough, Victor Guerrero, JoeBoy Kitzerow, John Pettlon, Raul Yepez. Dylan Kinser, Jason Hall, Edrees Nassir and Jeremy Rodda.

 Mad River Transit (not in order pictured; click image to enlarge):Hannah Fels, Trina Garrett, Sandy Lindop, Laura Doughty, Kelsey Goldstein, Danielle Murray, Lorena Tamayo, Olivia Bright, Jo Kuzelka, Jessie Rawson, Michelle Green, Kenneth Bridges, Steven Eitzen, Jason Garza, Kyle McInnis, Kobe Thompson, Raymond Alvarez, Dolan Leckliter, Christopher Parreira, Alberto Rodriguez, Corey Tamondong and Braxton Corbin.

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