Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anna Duchi, Erik Standifird and Ashley Adams

It’s a man, his monster and the women who loved them—what could go wrong?

Based on the classic film comedy Young Frankenstein (but with more singing and dancing), it has all the movie characters: Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (“that’s Fronk-un-steen”) who is the original monster-maker's American grandson (played by Erik Standifird), his strange servant  Igor (Christopher Moreno), his teasing intended Elizabeth (Anna Duchi), lovely lab assistant Inga (Ashley Adams), the mysterious Frau Blucher (Sasha Shay), and the mechanically enhanced Inspector Kemp (Keith Brown.)  A chorus of Transylvania townspeople and other singers and dancers complete the ensemble.

  And of course there's the Monster, whose appearance and identity will be revealed only to the audience.  (Hint: it's a well-known local actor.)  WARNING: Contains visual and verbal juvenile adult humor.  It is by Mel Brooks, after all.

Because it's in Gist Hall Theatre, two Saturday matinees have been added to the usual schedule, to avoid the horror of not getting a seat.  There's more on the play and the movie at HSU Stage & Screen.  

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