Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome Concert: The Program

(not necessarily the final program order)

Elisabeth Harrington, soprano; Robin Miller, piano:

Selections from Parodies by Seymour Barab
 “As some traditional jump-rope rhymes might have been set to music by the Masters”
 1. I’ll never go to Macy’s (George Frederic Handel)
 2. Miss Lucy (Gaetano Donizetti)
 4. Poor Old Lady (Modeste Moussorgsky)

 Laura Snodgrass, flute:
aubade by Libby Larsen

John Post, carillon:
 Song For Miniature Carillon  by J. Brian Post

Virginia Ryder, clarinet; Karen Davy, viola; Robin Miller, piano:

Trio in Eb major, K.498 by W.A. Mozart

Paul Cummings, clarinet; Daniela Mineva, piano:

Work for clarinet and piano by Robert Schumann

Gil Cline, cornet in Bb:

Concoctions (1977) by John Cheetham
1. Velociped
 2. Innoculum
 3. Polemix
4. Ecologue
 5. Redundrum
6. Frenzoid
 7. Entreaticle
 8. Dictumn

Nicholas Lambson, guitar:

Works by Dusan Bogdanovic
From 7 Little Secrets: No.3 Chiaro e semplice c
From 6 Balkan Miniatures - Zalopojka (Lament)
From Easier Polymetric Studies - Reversible Cowboy
 From 7 Little Secrets - No.2 Molto improvisando e ritmico
 From Easier Polymetric Studies - Hommage a Jacques Tati

Dan Aldag, trombone; Greg Granoff, piano:

Trio in Eb major, K.498 by W.A. Mozart

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