Saturday, October 05, 2013

Director's Notes: Jazz Orchestra

Hank Mobley
Among the selections the Jazz Orchestra will play:

"The Chicken"--funk favorite written by Pee Wee Ellis for James Brown. Our version gives it a salsa twist.

"Out Back of the Barn"--new arrangement of a Gerry Mulligan tune. This features Lauren Strella on baritone sax.

"A Little Peace"--a (mostly) quiet, subtle piece that combines the rhythmic feel of the Basie band with a contemporary harmonic language.

 "This I Dig Of You"--classic hard bop tune by Hank Mobley.

 "The Swizzle"--composed by the legendary Benny Carter for the Count Basie Orchestra.

 "Oclupaca"--arranger Michael Philip Mossman has given this little-known Duke Ellington piece an Afro-Cuban feel.

--Dan Aldag

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