Sunday, May 12, 2013

University Singers: Additional Notes by Director Harley Muilenburg 

The University Singers will present choral music from the 1700’s to the 1900’s. Vivaldi’s Beatus Vir is a sacred Baroque masterpiece written for double choir and vocal soloist. Its style and form are based on that of the instrumental concerto from the same time period.

 The second work performed tonight will be two excerpts from Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”. The first excerpt is the solo, “Sing God a New Song” sung by soprano, Ana Duchi. The second excerpt is the Alleluia, often referred to as the jazz movement, “Du bing du bang du bong”.

 The final piece for tonight’s concert is “Alleluia” from “Fanfares” by Daniel Pinkham. “Alleluia” is a rhythmically energized composition with tympani included to provide a 20th century ostinato accompaniment.

 Tonight we have our accompanist, John Chernoff playing piano, substituting piano for brass and organ that occur in the original composition.

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