Thursday, October 13, 2011


“The music is beautiful, and so well crafted," said Elisabeth Harrington, Music Director for Brigadoon at HSU. "The vocal music is rich with upbeat Scottish-sounding themes evoking jigs and reels, as well as flowing ballads expressing effusive sentiments of love. There are a lot of references to place, like fragrant heather and the mist. There are so many catchy tunes and memorable songs, including the most famous, “Almost Like Being in Love.”

”The music itself is a major character because it’s used as an emotional anchor throughout the show. Songs become repeated themes for emotions and settings. One of the most memorable themes is that of the title, "Brigadoon," which begins with a simple 1-3-5 progression. This is heard multiple times throughout the score, and sung three times with the full choral ensemble. The tune is hauntingly beautiful, and will most likely remain in the audience’s ears as they leave the show.”

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