Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brigadoon at HSU is co-directed by Bernadette Cheyne and Richard Woods, with musical direction by Elisabeth Harrington. It features a full orchestra playing the lush score that captures the spirit of Scotland, conducted by Paul Cummings. Jeff O’Connor is the choreographer.

The cast features Miles Raymer as Tommy Albright, a troubled young man from 2011 Manhattan, and Brandy Rose as Fiona MacLaren, the woman who wins his heart in Brigadoon. Philip de Roulet plays Charlie, and Jessi Shieman plays Jean, the Brigadoon couple about to be married as the play begins. Camille Morgan plays the playful Meg, Michael Thomas is Jeff, and Fran Wittman is Lundie. (The complete cast and other details of the production can be found at HSU Stage & Screen.)

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