Monday, April 25, 2011

HSU Guitar Ensemble Debuts With Fund-Raiser

“This is a special event for the guitar program at HSU,” said Music professor Nicholas Lambson. “We haven’t held a special concert like this in my five years here. All ticket sales go towards bringing guest guitar artists to Humboldt.”

The concert on Monday evening, April 25 in Fulkerson Recital Hall features the debut of the HSU Guitar Ensemble: students Samuel Shalhoub, Jason Hall, Charles Sleep, Colin Gaddie, Adolfo Acuna, James Puzey, Chase La Rue, Jerry Olofsson, Bryant Kellison, Tom Cielski, Herman Randall and James Adams.

The evening’s program of works by Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley continues the theme that Lambson began in his own concert earlier in April: minimalism.

“Since this music has familiar harmonies, melodies, a repetitive nature and syncopations--it’s an easy transition from rock and electronic music for many listeners,” Lambson explained. “Popular music shares so many of these elements with minimalism that it is an extremely accessible style.”

Samuel Shalhoub and Jason Hall combine on “Opening” by Philip Glass, originally written for solo piano but arranged for guitar duet. “It is a relatively short work that highlights many of the elements to be heard over the course of the evening,” Lambson said.

The Ensemble performs “In C” by Terry Riley, a group improvisation in certain respects. “The notes are fixed but each performer chooses when to play each ‘cell,’ or melodic idea. The players must listen to each other to create the full musical experience which differs with every performance.”

 "Nagoya Guitars" by Steve Reich is a work originally written for two marimbas, adapted for guitars by David Tanenbaum and played by Charles Sleep and Colin Gaddie. Sleep and Gaddie will be joined by Jason Hall and Chase La Rue for Lambson’s arrangement of a Philip Glass composition for the motion picture “Mishima.” “They’ve performed this several times on campus,” Lambson said, “and have even moved people to tears.”

The evening will conclude with Lambson playing Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint,” a reprise from his April 8th concert.

“We intend to do a themed guitar concert every year in the spring from now on,” Lambson said. “I have a million ideas for the future.”

The HSU Guitar Ensemble performs on Monday, April 25 at 8 PM in the Fulkerson Recital Hall on the HSU campus in Arcata. Tickets are $7 general, $3 students/seniors, from the HSU Ticket Office (826-3928) or at the door. Free to HSU students with ID. Directed by Nicholas Lambson, produced by HSU Music Department.

Media: Humboldt State Now, Arcata Eye

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