Saturday, November 20, 2010

top: "Remembrance of Things Past" by Morris Graves; photo of Morris Graves.

Free HSU Music Concert Honoring Morris Graves

To help celebrate the centennial year of Humboldt artist Morris Graves, nine HSU Music Department faculty and staff will join in a free afternoon concert on Saturday November 20, in the building that bears his name: the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka.

Beginning at 2 pm, the concert includes solo performances by guitarist Nicholas Lambson and pianist Robin Miller. Pianists Daniela Mineva and John Chernoff play a selection by Brahms; Gilbert Cline on trumpet joins Mineva for a sonata by the Italian Baroque composer Pietro Baldassare.

Especially appropriate for performance in an art museum is “Triptych” by contemporary composer Robert Sirota, who created this work in tandem with a painting of the same name by Deborah Patterson. The string quartet of Cindy Moyer (violin), Karen Davy (violin), Sherry Hanson (viola) and David Davis (cello) plays all three movements, which commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

This free concert is on Saturday, November 20 at 2 pm in the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka. This HSU Music Department event is held in conjunction with the Humboldt Arts Council. A reception for the public follows the concert.

Media: TriCity Weekly, Humboldt Beacon

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