Saturday, November 07, 2009

Humboldt Bay Brass Band: Background and Personnel

For those new to HBBB, the band is comprised of some 30 HSU students, HSU alumni, and Humboldt County community members ranging from the Eel River Valley to the north Humboldt Bay region, and even to southern Oregon. Members include: Cornets - Joe Severdia, Branden Lewis, Tom Cover, Frederic Belanger, Stephanie Douglass, John Ferreira, Melissa Gussin, William Zoller, Clara Navarro, and Joyce Carter. Horns - Gary Ross, Matthew Morgan, Anwyn Halliday, Kate Williams, Phil Sams, and Toshi Noguchi. Trombones - George Epperson, Talon Nansel, and Kearney Vander Sal. Euphoniums: George Ritscher and Bill Evans. Tubas/Basses: Wilson Bowles, Elizabeth Cruz, Jerry Carter, Damien Adams, Ryan Egan. Percussion: Grace Kerr, Jessica Bishop, Jackie Robertson, and Adara Friley.

These musicians are part of a larger web of local activity which includes the Humboldt Symphony, the Eureka Symphony, and diverse ensembles extending to Bandemonium, the Mel Bay Hotel Biscuit Band, the Marching Lumberjacks, and the Crabgrass Band.

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